Hamish Fulton, Northern France, 1977

The Chair

The Chair of Günther Vogt was founded in 2005. The international team is recruited from the fields of landscape architecture, art, cultural studies and aesthetics, as well as urban management and spatial planning. This constellation supports the development and transformation of complex spaces by maintaining an important quality of spatial design: transdisiplinary praxis. 

former employees:

2015-2016        Irene Djao-Rakitine
2011-2016        David Rademacher
2011-2015        Rebecca Bornhauser
2006-2012        Medea Hoch
2012                 Berte Daan
2011-2012        Nicola Eiffler
2011-2012        Luise Rabe
2011-2012        Davide Legittimo
2009-2011        Carola Anton
2007-2011        Jürgen Krusche
2008-2011        Cyril Kennel
2005-2011        Franziska Bark Hagen
2008-2010        Dominique Ghiggi
2008-2010        Monika Litscher
2009-2010        Susanne Nemmertz
2008-2009        Christine Zimmerli
2006-2009        Florian Otto
2007-2009        Frank Roost
2006-2009        Tobias Baldauf
2005-2008        Rina Fichtl
2005-2007        Alice Foxley 

Günther Vogt
Sebastiano Brandolini
Thomas Kissling
Claudia Gebert
Daia Stutz
Meret Arnold
Roland Charles Shaw
Ilkay Tanrisever
Andreas Klein